Legalization of Marijuana

Topics: Gang, Illegal drug trade, Law Pages: 3 (820 words) Published: May 5, 2013
Marijuana: Should it be Legal?
Marijuana is the most commonly used drug in the United States of America. It is also one of the most controversial in the United States of America. Some states have strict laws governing against it while others like California have made it legal for medicinal use. Marijuana should be Legalized because it can be taxed to create income for the government, reduce marijuana related crimes, and it would improve the quality of marijuana.

Marijuana should be legalized because it can be taxed and create a huge income for the government. If marijuana were to be legalized than every time it was sold at a store the government would be making profit. According to John Hoeffel of the Los Angeles Times " Four dispensaries pay a tax approved... that raises about $800,000 a year" (Hoeffel) . In other words four legal businesses are creating a tax income for the government that is about $800,000. If four businesses can create this much income imagine how much income hundreds or thousands of them can make.

Those who argue against the legalization of marijuana will oppose it from store resale because their children run the risk of contact and exposure in every day activities to this drug. In one perspective the drug will be in more of a controlled environment compared to the illegal sales today. The same effect can be viewed to how well controlled the sale of alcohol or cigarettes to minors are in today's society. This will also defeat the theory of marijuana becoming the gateway drug for people as it is not sold with other illegal substances. One of the main ways to purchase marijuana is illegally through so called vendors with access of other illegal drugs for sale and with the ability to be sold in stores this will reduce the use and contact of other drugs. With this information in mind it may actually provide a drop in crime rates for cities.

Marijuana should be legalized because it can help reduce marijuana related crimes. If...
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