legalization of marijuana

Topics: Illegal drug trade, Heroin, Drug Pages: 2 (587 words) Published: December 1, 2013
I. The Introduction
A.Whether it is shown by Miley Cyrus smoking a joint at the European Music Awards, or smelled from at least 200 of the 650 residence of Harvard University, marijuana plays a significant role in the workings of our society. a.Whether it is musicians, artist, or even a few politicians, people around the world thoroughly indorse the legalization of Marijuana B.I believe Marijuana should be legalized because I believe it is not a life-threatening drug and is commercially and medically used as a stress and pain reliever. C.The three topics I am going to discuss are the safety aspects of Marijuana in comparison to other illegal drugs, the affects of Marijuana on our health, and the affects of Marijuana on the economy. D.I believe Marijuana could have a very positive affect on our society if it is legalized in an efficient and controlled way. E.Credibility: I will not confirm nor deny that I smoke Marijuana; but I still believe that I am credible because of the research I found will I was preparing my speech. i.A lot of the negative beliefs or comments about Marijuana were coming from the fact that it is an illegal drug not actually because of the side affects the drug might actually have on someone

II. The Body
A.Marijuana vs. Other Illegal Drugs
a.It is often misconstrued. When put in the same category with extremely serious drugs such as Crystal Meth and Heroin, on both sides people get confused. i.Certain adults may see it as a cry for help or a child going down a terrible path, when in fact they might just be relaxing with friends ii.On the other side, a kid might think that since Marijuana is not as bad as is stigma, whose to say that other more serious drugs are just as non life threatening when in reality that is not the case. iii.Like putting Advil and Naproxen in the same category as cocaine B.Marijuana’s effect on our Health

i.Helps looses the pressure in the eye
b.Multiple Sclerosis
i.Helps with...
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