Legalizing Drugs

Topics: Illegal drug trade, Gang, Mexican Drug War Pages: 3 (816 words) Published: December 19, 2014
Toni Crumm
Professor Chao
English 200
20 November 2014

Legalizing Drugs
Two of the more dangerous substances, alcohol and tobacco are legal, so I ask the very relevant question, why aren’t all illegal substances legalized? Clearly the government isn’t worried about society’s health. The government could tax the drugs, which would help America’s huge deficit and crime would go down drastically. So I appose we legalize drugs so it can help our government and our society. Once again I ask the question why are certain drugs illegal if there not more dangerous than other substances that are legal? For example, alcohol causes brain damage, memory loss, anxiety, depression, and liver disease. The list goes on and on, and the effects of alcohol to the body and brain are devastating. Not to mention the thousands of incent people who die in D.U.I accidents each year. Yet it is legal, why would the government legalize alcohol but not other substances if alcohol is just as damaging to society? Clearly they don’t have our best interests at hand. The United States budget allows for 16 billion dollars for federal drug control funding to fight drug related crimes and smuggling. 280 million dollars is projected to be spent on prisons for housing drug offenders. If we legalized drugs these amounts would go down drastically and the taxpayers would gain, but the government would lose. So I ask you, is the only reason why the government hasn’t legalized drugs yet is for there own selfish benefits? You hear about these horrible stories about innocent people dyeing because of the drug related violence’s. In the news I recently heard about a young girl who was playing in her front yard in the middle of the day when an illegal drug deal was happening right across the street. Apparently, the illegal drug buy went wrong and the gang members started shooting at one another, when one of the bullets hit the young girl. She laid on the grown of her front yard lifeless because of...

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