Legalizing Marijuana

Topics: Drug addiction, United States, Law Pages: 2 (489 words) Published: December 10, 2012
Legalizing Marijuana in the United States is a large controversy today. There are many pros and cons to the legalization. With the presidential election less than a month away and President Obama saying that if he were to serve the next four years that Marijuana would be legalized, and others saying that it would be a mistake there are many viewpoints that we need to take into consideration.

The pros of legalizing Marijuana are obvious. Marijuana is taxable revenue, by legalizing and taxing Marijuana it would not only help close the gap in the budget but it would also create jobs for many people. In addition to alcohol and tobacco products the Marijuana could only be sold in certain locations to individuals of a certain age. The selling of the drug would be the decision of each individual state. Along with the money that would be made by the legalization the crime rates would decrease. Drug trafficking is a serious problem in the United States and by legalizing Marijuana mafia drug lords and large groups of individuals who are engrossed in the matter will lose their significance. In effect of this happening law enforcement would have more time to focus on larger crimes at hand. Marijuana has some medical benefits as well with cancer patients going through chemotherapy as well as patients who are suffering from AIDS. Another strong point that should be taken into consideration is that Marijuana isn’t any more harmful than other legal drugs. When used in moderation just like everything in our lives should be, than it is no more harmful than alcohol or tobacco. The government doesn’t limit how many cigarettes you can smoke in a period of time or how much alcohol you can consume so it shouldn’t have the right to decide how much Marijuana you can smoke. The cons of legalizing Marijuana are that Marijuana is considered a gateway drug. A gateway drug in meaning that it can lead to harder drug use such as cocaine and heroin. The fact that some individuals say that...
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