Legalizing Marijuana

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December 6, 2007

Mary Jane the Great

The debate over the legalization of marijuana has been one of the most controversial issues ever to occur in the United States. Its use as a medicine has existed for thousands of years in many countries worldwide. Marijuana should be legalized for several reasons. First, the government could earn money from taxes on its sale. There would be more money for our country and less money ford the drug dealers. It also has medical purposes. Its value to the medical world outweighs its potential abuse. It will reduce crime rates. Many say that legalization of it will never happen but I feel it is inevitable. The government has a major roll in the legalization of marijuana. They unfairly make marijuana illegal when it has zero American annual deaths were tobacco and alcohol alone have about 500,000. One person who would have put his foot down towards the government is Thoreau. Henry David Thoreau was a man who lived by his own beliefs on the government. He felt is was reasonable and often right to disobey the government if they are irrational. The government is being illogical on the issue that if marijuana were to be legal, the country would prosper.

There are benefits of marijuana as medicine. Marijuana is known to be a much safer than cigarettes and alcohol. It is also safer than a lot of over-the-counter medicines. "Marijuana, in its natural form, is one of the safest therapeutically active substances known to man" (For 2). It doesn't make sense for marijuana to be illegal when alcohol poisoning and premature deaths due to cigarette smoke are the leading deaths in America. Drinking too much in one day can kill you, but smoking too much marijuana in one day can only put you to sleep. "Marijuana also relieves nausea suffered by cancer patients undergoing powerful chemotherapy…patients to have multiple sclerosis and AIDS…also proved to be effective in the treatment of glaucoma because its use...
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