Legalizing Marijuana

Topics: Illegal drug trade, Drug, Heroin Pages: 3 (888 words) Published: December 16, 2012
Legalizing Marijuana

There are a multitude of reasons to use marijuana and there are just as many reasons to not use marijuana. The usage of marijuana can be both helpful and harmful. Now the general populace will go with pro legalizing marijuana. However little does society know that as soon as marijuana is legalized it will be taxable and eventually will become like alcohol and similar products. Similar to alcohol it will eventually become legal and with many amenities in the sense it will come with conditions. So in terms of legalizing marijuana it will be beneficial to society due to the fact it will become taxable, it will come with conditions, and that the war on illegal drugs will be one drug less.

There consist many conditions that come with formerly illegal inhibitors. For example alcohol was an illegal substance and the way it was abused when it was outlawed drastically changed from the way it is abused now. To elaborate now that alcohol is legal, there are conditions such as the drinking age and the tax that comes with purchasing it. As such many individuals in society drink themselves to poverty. The same predicament can occur with marijuana which will obviously lessen its usage. Another factor is that with it becoming a government regulated substance majority of society will be shackled to the government by more than a medical marijuana card, which addicts tend to use to abuse the marijuana supplied. “Already earning California about $14 billion a year, it has been estimated that legalizing marijuana could generate anywhere between $1.5 and $4 billion (from taxing the drug) in revenue for California, a boost that we most undeniably need.” (Wolff, 2009) This means that adding marijuana as a taxable substance will drastically increase profits for California by about ten percent to 35 percent. This in turn will spur the economy which is in a drastic slump, even comparable to the great depression.

Another point that needs to be made about...

Cited: Wolff, M. (2009, November 9). Legalizing marijuana can reduce crime, increase revenue for state. Retrieved October 9, 2012, from Daily Sundial:
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