Legalizing Marijuana

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Argumentative Essay
Legalizing/or not legalizing use of marijuana in the US
November 30, 2012

Legalizing/or not legalizing use of marijuana in the US
The problems and violence caused by the use of illicit drugs, and the lack of efficient measures by the government to reduce the use of these substances has affected both society and businesses. In recent years, many politicians have debated the pros and cons of decriminalizing marijuana, even the population voted to decide whether to legalize or not is the best option. Throughout this essay, it will be analyze both sides of the issue and confirm if legalization of marijuana is the best option for U.S. and how this affect Mexico in the legal, society and business aspects. According to an article posted by William Booth in The Washington Post, he said that “Mexico spends billions of dollars each year confronting violent trafficking organizations that threaten the security of the country but whose main market is the United States, the largest consumer of drugs in the world.” As we can see, the problem of drugs in U.S. directly affects Mexico, because the government has to deal with the cartels that take thousands of innocent lives year by year. This is why the decision made by either one of the two countries will have serious repercussions on the other, as they will have to make drastic changes to fit and work together in the best way. Marijuana legalization is an issue where citizens are involved in, and we have to know and consider that any decision made about this is problem harms without limitations or borders. First of all, to talk about a problem we have to know about it. According to the Medicine Net marijuana is “A common street and recreational drug that comes from the marijuana plant: the hemp plant cannabis sativa […] is used to heighten perception, affect mood, and relax. […] Signs of marijuana use include red eyes, lethargy, and uncoordinated body movements. The long-term effects may include decrease in motivation and harmful effects on the brain, heart, lungs, and reproductive system. People who smoke marijuana are also at increased risk of developing cancer of the head and neck.” Analyzing the above, this drug causes disturbances in the human body, influencing short and long term health of people; this is why governments try to protect the society by prohibiting its use. Despite this, it is important to consider that the consumption of alcohol and tobacco cigarettes is even more harmful to health than marijuana. For better understanding and analysis of the problem, this essay is mainly divided by three parts: legal, social and business implications for both countries.

Legal Implications
According to Cross & Miller, “dozen states, including California, have adopted medical marijuana laws that legalize marijuana for medical purposes. Marijuana possession, however, is illegal under the federal Controlled Substances Act (CSA).” As it is mentioned by these authors, at the present time some restrictions exist with the possession and nonmedical use of Cannabis. The legal implications will be that politicians would have to make reforms and changes to state and federal laws for the legalization had valid throughout the country.

In addition to the above mentioned changes, Mexico would have implications too. According to The Washington Post “the decision by voters in Colorado and Washington State to legalize the recreational use of marijuana has left Mexican President-elect Enrique Peña Nieto and his team scrambling to reformulate their anti-drug strategies in light of what one senior aide said was a referendum that “changes the rules of the game.” As we can see the problem is for both countries and the legal implications too, because Mexico and U.S will have to harmonize their laws as much as possible regarding this issue, to prevent the emergence of bad political reactions ahead. None of them can act unilaterally.

Social Implications
Recent studies...

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