Legalizing Marijuana

Topics: Illegal drug trade, Cannabis, Drug Pages: 4 (1495 words) Published: June 3, 2013
Marijuana goes back many, many years, and has served many different purposes. Before my time marijuana has been enjoyed by many of our parents and other elder relatives. Free loving hippies that smoked all day long without a care in the world. Their one goal was to stay high all day. It seems as if those were the days when many people did not frown upon it but in fact used it themselves. It was not such a big deal as it is today. Back then if you smoked marijuana you were just a pothead. Now the law is putting their foot down on smoking marijuana. If you smoke weed or are caught with it you are a criminal and a menace to society. Will legalizing marijuana help us out financially and economically? Or will it continue to be an issue? Will legalizing it stop most of the drug crimes?

Today many people smoke Marijuana, for medicinal purposes, to ease certain pains, to help with your appetite, and it helps with glaucoma. Canada has been able to stay out of debt while also creating jobs and saving millions of acres of land because of Marijuana. It seems like a good idea since it does not look like the government will ever get a handle on this issue. It may be impossible to stop everyone in the United States from smoking marijuana. It will be even harder to stop people from getting it in from different countires. If the United States was smart they would use this to their advantage. I would never condone smoking marijuana but if I knew it was not going to stop no matter how hard I tried why not benefit from it? The United States has a huge debt to pay and no way to pay it. Making the drug legal would help them pay this countries debt off. Instead of taking more and more away from the people this could help get us back on our feet. The government could tax marijuana and at the same time raise the economy of the country. If drug dealers continue to sell it and law enforcement is spending valuable time wasting it on busting them, going through the whole process of an...
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