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Topics: Bullying, Illegal drug trade, Drug Pages: 2 (677 words) Published: September 27, 2012
Why take the time to think for yourself when you can simply step back and adapt to the generic thoughts of those around you? Even in instances where standing up for what you believe is as simple as saying yes or no, many find themselves going with the answer that is most accepted. This It doesn’t matter if the facts clearly justify one side of an argument or decision, if the general public disagrees people feel as though they must take a passive approach and simply give in in an attempt to avoid the attention that being an individual, in terms of one’s thoughts, would attract. It baffles me as to why people struggle to stand up for what is right and ignoring anyone who stands in their way. It is exceptionally obvious that “Our desire to conform is greater than our respect for objective facts.”

Take a school bully for instance, too often I see and hear about people being abused by these cultural monsters, and too often see nobody doing anything about it. I even find myself looking the other way. It is blatantly obvious that bullying is wrong but people still refuse to take action. I feel as though it is fear that drives these decisions, fear of being shunned and fear of being given the cold shoulder that turns normal people away from doing the right thing. I completely understand that it is not always easy to stand up for yourself or others, but often times it is a necessary course of action.

Social intimidation so deeply diminishes our respect for objective facts that conforming has become almost subconscious. “Don’t do anything to anyone that you wouldn’t want done to you” was at one point an easy thing to uphold, but now it is completely left out of the equation in order to simply have a conversation. People almost always find themselves talking about others behind their backs at social gatherings or when they around friends, but people also find themselves being reminded of this golden rule and despite their conscious telling them otherwise, people...
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