Topics: Illegal drug trade, Georgia, Criminology Pages: 2 (354 words) Published: March 5, 2015
Warren Robinson
Mrs. Hendrix
Argumentative Essay
January 29, 2015
The Wonder Drug!

There are many reasons why marijuana should be legalized. It helps with medical issues like cancer, insomnia and many other diseases. It also is a great material for paper, clothes and other fabrics. The constitution was written on hemp believe it or not! For example in Colorado the crime rate went down by 80% just because of the legalization of recreational and medical marijuana. A few states like Colorado and California and other states have legalized medical and recreational marijuana. They sell it in dispensaries. In some states you have to have a prescription for marijuana. In the states that did not legalize marijuana the crime rate is very high mainly because of the illegal transport and sale of marijuana. The crime rate in Georgia is at 87%. The city this is all happening in is Atlanta. All highways in the south connect in Atlanta which makes smuggling drugs so convenient for distributors. Marijuana is not the only drug being smuggled in the peach state of Georgia. Drugs like cocaine, heroin and many other illegal drugs. I personally think we should legalize marijuana because it doesn’t cause any diseases except for lung cancer if you inhale the smoke but there are other forms of marijuana like edibles, oils and waxes, etc. Annually there are 500,000 deaths because of alcohol and alone 300,000 because of drunk driving. Alcohol damages your liver any your brain tremendously! There is no written record of a death caused by marijuana EVER! That’s just oe of the reason why marijuana should be legalized. Another benefit of legalizing marijuana is the taxation of it. The government in Colorado makes 12 million a year just because of marijuana! They save more money too because the crime rate goes down with the legalization of marijuana. Just alone the tax dollars the government takes in on marijuana is more than enough to finance the growth and the sale of marijuana....
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