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Kara Vedros

College of Dupage

Final Assignment 6
For decades there has been an ongoing debate about whether or not marijuana should be legalized for medical purposes and or for recreational use. This debate is now out in the open, and for the first time Americans are seriously considering legalizing marijuana throughout the United States. The controversy regarding marijuana is

The first and most important reason marijuana should be legalized is for medical purposes. In 1972, the US Congress officially placed marijuana in Schedule 1 of the Controlled Substance Act because they considered it to “have no excepted medical use” and carries a risk of addiction. However, recent studies have disproved this over and over again. Marijuana has been proven through countless clinical trials to alleviate symptoms of many chronic debilitating medical conditions including cancer, HIV/AIDS, fibromyalgia, post traumatic stress disorder, adrenal disease, inflammatory bowel disease and glaucoma.(1) The Council of Science and Public Health conducted a series of clinical trials and concluded that marijuana use significantly reduces neuropathic pain, improves appetite and caloric intake especially in patients with reduced muscle mass, and also relieves spacsticity and severe pain in patients suffering from multiple sclerosis (MS). It is undeniable that marijuana has been used to treat a variety of severe medical conditions for centuries and has helped a countless number of patients that have had little to no luck with the use of traditional methods of treatment. Marijuana has proven to not only treat the patients symptoms but to do so with remarkable safety.(2) Marijuana is far less toxic than a majority of the drugs that physicians prescribe, yet for some reason marijuana is still illegal in most states. In 2011 the Center for disease control reported that the number of deaths from overdoses of legal prescription...
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