Marijuana legalization

Topics: Illegal drug trade, Drug, Psychoactive drug Pages: 3 (988 words) Published: February 18, 2014
Marijuana Legalization, Harmful or Helpful?
The fact that there is an unregulated street drug that is used by millions is daunting to some. Marijuana is an illegal street drug that is not regulated by the federal government. This proves to be detrimental to marijuana users, and also serves an economic setback for those against marijuana legalization. The American government has not taken many key factors into consideration that are of immediate concern, one being that millions of Americans today are users of marijuana and it is not regulated for their safety. Another factor is the potential tax dollars that could be retrieved from marijuana legalization, also legalization can mark the end of the drug war and lastly marijuana holds undeniable medical use. Marijuana legalization would benefit society as a whole rather than hurt it. According to studies 6.9% of the entire American population reported to be marijuana users (Reuters). This is an estimated 17.4 million Americans (Reuters). Keep in mind this study does not account for those reporting dishonestly toward the study so in reality this number is potentially higher. With this many people using the drug it is unsafe to allow marijuana to be unregulated by the federal government. Safety issues arise when the matter of drug purity comes to the table. When purchasing street drugs customers do not know whether or not their marijuana has been laced with other potentially dangerous illicit drugs. The users may fall into other far more harmful addictions to other illegal drugs without regulation. Legalization will lead to corporate production of marijuana that will give a much higher degree of safety to users than the amount of safety given by the underground trade. Street dealers will also deal to young members of society and this number may be lowered with government regulation. It is beneficial for the safety of society that the government regulates marijuana. In the midst of the growing economic crisis,...

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