Marijuana Legalization

Topics: Tax, Law, Taxation in the United States Pages: 2 (547 words) Published: March 6, 2014

Marijuana use will always be around. We have come to the realization that stopping marijuana usage is nearly impossible. Morally, some feel that marijuana usage is wrong. But those who think this must go against their beliefs. If this is a force that is unstoppable, then why try to stop it? The legalization of marijuana will benefit New Jersey and our country as a whole. The economic status of New Jersey is atrocious. There have been several suggestions to attend to this problem, one being the legalization of marijuana. Colorado and Washington are the only states that have taken action by legalizing the drug. They have taken advantage of what has been staring them in the face, and have experienced great economic success by doing so. These two states have set their own “precedent” for all other states to legalize marijuana. In their first week of sales, Colorado sold five million dollars of marijuana. The non-partisan Tax Foundation estimates that Colorado will bring in nearly $70 million in new taxes, with initial proceeds being used for school construction. Because tax revenues are expected to exceed school building needs, Colorado public officials are already thinking of additional ways to use the tax windfall. Colorado has projected nearly $600 million in combined wholesale and retail marijuana sales annually. Why are cigarettes and alcohol legal if they are more dangerous than marijuana? Cigarettes have been linked to over 440,000 deaths per year, while alcohol has been linked to some 88,000 deaths each year. Marijuana has been linked to 0 deaths per year. This is quite a difference. Marijuana does not only used for its medical benefits, but it is also safe. You can die binge-drinking five minutes after you've been exposed to alcohol. That does not happen with marijuana, the impact o f marijuana use is much subtler. Marijuana is used in hospitals as medical treatment. The only way alcohol is in hospitals is if someone’s stomach is being pumped. Marijuana...
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