Marijuana Legalization

Topics: Illegal drug trade, Gang, Drug Pages: 3 (1061 words) Published: March 19, 2014
Legalization of Marijuana
With the United States recovering from a painful recession, the fiery debate over the legalization of marijuana has once again come to the forefront of American politics. The arguments from both sides are valid and convincing. For some, it’s a simple moral issue. For others, it delves deep into issues of personal freedom and economical wellbeing. While the legalization of marijuana could generate a large amount of much needed stimulus to the economy, I believe it is a potentially harmful drug to be readily available to the public and should remain illegal. The legalization of marijuana would have many diverse benefits. The most relevant and current of these benefits are the effects on the American economy. The government would be able to heavily tax and regulate the product because it is a good with a theoretically low elasticity, so users would be willing to pay a large tax in exchange for being able to legally use the drug, much like how the alcohol and tobacco industries are treated.  In addition, other facets of the American economy would benefit.  Jobs would be created from various government agencies which would need to be created, marijuana farms to be run, and potentially limitless business and labor opportunities in the marijuana industry.   Other nonmonetary benefits could arise from the legalization of marijuana.  Violent gangs thrive from a constant flow of cash from illegal practices, a large portion of which is tied to the production and sale of marijuana, among other illegal drugs. By legalizing the drug, it no longer becomes of much value to these gangs, since it is readily available on the free market, and could decrease gang violence.  In addition, the legalization of marijuana would render many petty crimes tied to marijuana use and sales void, alleviating the problem of overcrowded prisons, as well as allow a more efficient allocation of police and legal resources away from being tied up in enforcing marijuana...
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