Marijuana vs. alcohol

Topics: Cannabis, Drug addiction, Tetrahydrocannabinol Pages: 3 (959 words) Published: March 8, 2014
Medical Marijuana vs. Alcohol
​Alcohol is legal in all 50 states, and marijuana is not. Why? Alcohol is known for causing harm in a variety of ways. What kind of harm has marijuana caused? Has it caused harm or healing? Marijuana should be legal in all 50 states. ​Marijuana is actually known for more good than bad. It can help cancer patients through chemotherapy, helps people with sleeping problems, and helps people with anxiety. People claim it’s what causes cancer, sleeping problems, etc. According to Noyes R Jr., Baram DA, “administered THC had improved mood, improved sense of well-being, and less anxiety” (Noyes). According to Russo EB, Guy GW, Robson J, “In a trial of a sublingual spray, a Cannabis-based mixture was able to improve sleep quality” (Russo). So is marijuana as harmful as everybody makes it out to be? Obviously it isn’t as harmful as people say. ​Has anyone ever heard of marijuana killing people? It’s been feared that marijuana smoke, like tobacco smoke, causes cancer and heart disease. The evidence argues otherwise, writes Stephen Sidney, MD, associate director for research for Kaiser Permanente, Oakland, Calif., in the September 20 issue of The British Medical Journal. “Although the use of [marijuana] is not harmless, the current knowledge base does not support the assertion that it has any notable adverse public health impact in relation to mortality,” Sidney concludes. So why is alcohol legal if it’s known for killing? Alcohol is known for alcohol poison, car accidents, and varieties of abuse. Is marijuana known for “marijuana poison?” “car accidents due to the use of marijuana?” or “varieties of abuse from smoking marijuana?” No, because there is no such thing as any of that. ​Other drugs tend to cause problems with peoples muscles, eyes, and etc. But what is the one harmless illegal drug that reduces muscle spasms and relieves eyes pressure for glaucoma patients? Marijuana of course. Glaucoma is among the leading causes of blindness in...
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