Marketing Plan

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Marketing Plan of Acme Restaurant

Course Title: Marketing Management
Course Code: BUS 314

Submitted To –
MD. Mesbah Uddin

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Eric Halder
ID: 093011014

Date of submission: November 13, 2011
Executive Summary:
A restaurant on a day-to-day basis requires established systems and controls. Many seasoned restaurant have established systems to help them control cost and maintain excellence. Unfortunately, though, some startup restaurateurs open their doors unprepared to handle the day-to-day challenges of operating a restaurant. So we want to open Acme as per we think about middle class family. Who cannot effort to having dinner with their family in any expensive restaurants. We also think about our quality of service. Our slogan is customer is boss. Acme restaurant is located in 7/a Road.Dhanmondi Dhaka. It’s a new restaurant so for the first time we don’t have any branches. If we satisfied our customer through our better quality of service then we first run our business allover Dhaka. We have different types of product with low cost. It’s a partnership business. We have three partners. We are very co-operative and conscious about individual’s task. We divided our working process point of individual’s ability of work. I think we have some special features that can make us different than the existing restaurant in the market. Considering all the possible threats we can suggest the company that it will be profitable to enter this business. After estimating the cost and sales we can say that it will be profitable. So we think it is a good and appropriate marketing plan. Management control:

Incorporate management controls, tasks and support systems into our plan. However, it is Important that we acknowledge in our plan some of the basic controls such as: * Time and attendance tracking.

* Scheduling.
* Operations checklists.
* Ordering procedures.
* Inventory control.
* Cash control procedure.
* Security measures.
* Safety policies.
* Liability reviews.

Principles & Identification of Partners: We have some principles to run our restaurant and that are- * Integrity: We avoid those situations which can hamper our principles or produce any sort of conflict of interest. * Experience: We are three partners of ACME RESTAURANT have over 15 years experience in this Restaurant sector. * Cost Control: We always try to control our cost such as-labor cost, Raw-material cost, Cost of sales and any other cost. We do this because another way to maximize the profit is cost reduction. * Objective: We are very much concern to achieve two main objectives as we have set for our restaurant and those are I. Profit Maximization with the customer satisfaction, and II. Quality Control.

* Customer First: We believe that customer is the king of any business.

Food Production:
Most of the food will be prepared on the premises. The kitchen will be designed for high standards with efficiency and cleaned. Food will be made mostly to order and stored in large coolers in the basement. Staffing:

This section should list the staff positions, the number of people needed for each position and the average rate of pay for the position. List any recruiting plans or services we will use to hire our staff. Describe the hiring standards and interview process that will be used. This is not intended to be a labor cost projection. That will be addressed in the "financial projections" section of the business plan, to be discussed in a subsequent issue. Customer service:

Describe plans for establishing service attitudes and policies. Include an overview on how customer complaints will be handled and how the restaurant will go about getting customer feedback such as surveys or...
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