Meth: Drug Addiction and Mexican Super Lab

Topics: Drug addiction, Opioid, Heroin Pages: 2 (763 words) Published: February 17, 2014

When I first found out what meth was, I was astounded. The way the media and T.V. shows talk about it is nothing compared to what the truth really is about the drug. It actually tricks your brain into releasing the neurotransmitter dopamine. This causes the brain to actually slow down the flow of dopamine, and when the drug is done being used, after about 12 hours, the flow of dopamine is pretty much non-existent. This is very dangerous to the user because when there is no dopamine, one must rely on the drug meth to supply it, and this is what addiction is. In the video, the people affected by the drug were in terrible shape. Some looked almost rotten as a side affect from the drug. People had scabs all over there body and most were missing their teeth. When taking meth, people have hallucinations that they think bugs are in their skin and they scratch, this results in scabs. Also the meth makes the flow of saliva slower making plaque and acid build up in the teeth causing the loss of teeth. Also the patients don't go to the dentist and instead spend all of their money on meth. It's scary because one couple was used as an example of never having drug problems in the past, but in one night they took too much meth at a party. It was meth that was produced in a Mexican super lab, its much more pure and strong. The couple ended up driving away in a pickup truck in the middle of the snowstorm. The meth made them feel confident, but also scared and they were seeing people and things that weren't really there. The couple ended up leaving the safety of the truck and going into a shack about a mile away. They were on the phone with the cops, but did not know their exact location. Both of them ended up dying because the meth did not wear off until 12 hours later, a much longer time period than most drugs. I just think, what if this will happen to me at a party, and my life will end? Meth is getting into our country more and more from Mexican cartels, but also...
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