Mexican Drug War

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2 August 2014
The Mexican Drug War
Mexico’s drug war is a non-stop battle for the citizens of Mexico, the traffickers and suppliers of the drugs for many years. Many rival cartel gangs are in constant competition for different regions of Mexico, which escalates the violence and triumph to an even higher level. The Mexican government and civilians have all been a part of this ongoing drug war, which continues to this day. The government’s goal behind the drug war has always been to put a stop to any drug related violence that carried over from the war for years, more specifically since 2006 when the Mexican military intervention was started. Stripping the drug cartels of their power and control has also been one of the main goals of the Mexican government rather than preventing drug trafficking itself within the country; in which this is left up to the U.S. officials. The trafficking organizations and drug cartels have been around for quite some time and as time progressed, they became stronger and stronger because of the fear they put in the hearts of many. A lot of their progression also came from bribery, and manipulation. The drug cartel controls a majority of the illicit drug market and most of the cocaine that is brought to the United States. It has been estimated that the profit made from illicit drugs is in the billions, not millions, but billions of dollars. In this essay, I would like to discuss and explain the origination of the drug war and Mexican drug cartel, as well as talk about the organization and how the cartels started, speculations, and most importantly, highlight the effects the drug war has today on the society of Mexico, as well as the United States of America. Mexico has been the main supplier of drugs such as cannabis and one of the major suppliers of other drugs such as cocaine and meth in the United States. Majority of the money that the cartel profits from usually comes from cannabis and a huge majority of the narcotics that are imported to the United States is controlled by them. Most of the cocaine that comes into the U.S. usually comes from Mexico, although Colombia is known as the front runner of the drug. Despite the cartel’s involvement within the drug war, there has been a lot of speculation around the notion of the United States and Mexican government’s contribution to the drug war. A lot of their tactics have been questioned due to evidence that has been presented that exposes the U.S. and Mexican government officials for aiding and supplying the drug cartels After reading and gaining more information about this issue, it really gives me a different perspective on the drug war and the roles that the cartel, governments, government officials and indigenous people have in the global drug trade because there is a lot of corruption and under the table transactions that occur often. The cartel places the native citizens of Mexico at the front line of the drug war because many of them don’t have any other options to survive, so a lot of them feel like they have no choice but to give themselves up to the cartel and abide by their rules. Areas along the border of the United States that are inhabited by local citizens are usually the main regions where drugs are grown. Members of the cartel use fear in order to force the farmers of the regions to grow the crops and work on the fields in order to earn economic benefits. As seen by a statement made by a local Raramuri (a native of Mexico), He states that the cartel threatened him to grow the crops and although he was fearful he did receive a lot in exchange. They provided him with food and expensive whiskey that, as he stated, " I've never had before, so I keep growing it, it helps my family." (p.212).   There is also is a big connection between the Cartel and government officials. With the increase of enforcement by the Mexican and US government there is an increase in violence. Perramond...

Cited: Perramond, E.P ( 2004) Dessert Traffic: The Dynamics of the Drug trade in Northwestern Mexico. Colorado: Oxford University press.
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