Mother Daughter

Topics: Illegal drug trade, Crime, Gang Pages: 2 (327 words) Published: April 2, 2014

Dr. Wilson
March 4,2014

Throughout American history illegal immigration has been an extreme focal point in many important discussions. The states with the highest population of illegal immigrants consist of Mexico, California, Texas, and Arizona. These criminal illegal immigrants have caused high crime rates and violence especially in Arizona. “The crimes committed in America by illegal aliens are horrendous, but because the American people allow this administration to remain in power, we have repeat offenders emboldened to commit crimes at will, killing our police, raping our women and even kidnapping our young.” (Dean paragraph 4) Arizona illegal immigrants convey a negative environment and display violence, which is detrimental on our American society. “Many illegal immigrants come here precisely because they are criminals and they find America a target-rich environment.”(McGrath 38) Criminal illegal immigrants are largely involved in the drug trade. In 2011, 44,653 illegal immigrants had drug-related offenses. (Gomez paragraph 8)They smuggled enormous amounts of illegal drugs in America ,which causes violence and an uproar in our society. The criminal aliens use different alias to re enter the country illegally even when they get deported back to their country. Ventura County, CA , which is the largest and most Hispanic city, host a big amount of the illegal aliens and account for violent crimes and drug cartel. In 2010, authorities apprehended Antonio Medina Arreguin, who they called “King of Heroin” who they say smuggled roughly 440 pounds of heroin each month into the state of California. He and his organization grossed about $12 million dollars in the drug trade. The organization has killed hundreds of rival drug traffickers, police, and soldiers and even the innocent. The violence created by the criminal aliens are ludacris and should create an opportunity for more policies to prevent the exchange of drug trafficking....
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