Motorcycle Gang Violence

Topics: Crime, Sociology, Gang Pages: 3 (958 words) Published: July 29, 2013
Gang related violence in the United States has been a plague for the last several decades. The serious crimes such as murder, drug trafficking, extortion, assaults, and kidnapping can all be attributed to organized gangs. Of all the established and recognized gangs in this country, motorcycle gangs are among the most vicious and virulent group of criminals with no regard or respect for law enforcement or human life in general. Members of these organized clubs appear to be linked by a common bond and like interests. Many of the modern motorcycle clubs got their start in the years after the close of World War II through the late 1960’s. Many of the members of these clubs were former combat soldiers just home from foreign battlefields. It appears that these motorcycle clubs were quite benign in the beginnings of their formation only massing together because of the love of riding motorcycles and what members called the “freedom of the open road.” The turn toward rampant criminal activity was proliferated in the clubs that got their starts in the latter half of the 1960’s. The turbulent political and social upheaval of that period of time is a direct contributor to the motorcycle clubs having a metamorphosis into what is now understood to be the modern motorcycle gang. A good example of the evolution of a group of motorcycle enthusiasts into a band of chopper riding thugs, murderers, gun runners, drug dealers, and all around dangerous criminals is The Warlocks Motorcycle Gang formed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1967. This particular gang has been credited with approximately 350 sanctioned killings since the late 1970’s along with other violent offences among the membership according to the U.S. Department of Justice (UCR 2011). A typical member of The Warlocks is a Caucasian male in their mid to late thirties with an extensive criminal background, most have formal military training, rides a minimum 1800cc Harley-Davidson motorcycle(no other brand is...

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