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Topics: Drug addiction, African American, Crime Pages: 2 (566 words) Published: August 4, 2013
In your opinion, what have been among the main outcomes of the War on Drugs? It is significant that the war on drug is damaging to African American family in society. Within African American homes, it has become an epidemic of single parenting within urban environment because of drugs. To a large extent, African American male endure the negative circumstances due to the issue within their community. Therefore; if the living condition within that person home is not of the so call “American Dream”, a result to the lifestyle of drugs will become the norm. The fact that drugs are destroying society; it’s associating within community of poverty, African American, and the high rate of prison time is a complex position within American ghetto. How close has it come to its original goals of reducing drug use and punishing drug suppliers? On the issue of drugs user, with the Anti-Drug Abuse Act it set the standards on individual who use the drug as well as the dealer. As stated, “The 1986 and 1988 Anti-Drug Abuse Acts created a series of mandatory minimum penalties for illegal drugs at the federal level. Mandatory minimum sentences restrict discretion in the judicial process by specifying the term of incarceration to be served based on the type and amount of drug possessed by the accused. Powder and crack cocaine are different versions of the same drug, but were treated very differently by this legislation” (Collica, K. & Furst, G. 2012). How has this “war” impacted African-American males? Mandatory minimum sentences for crack cocaine have disproportionately impacted the most visible and marginalized users of the drug, who are often young, urban, men of color. Throughout the 1990s and 2000s, Blacks have accounted for approximately 80% of all crack arrests (Mauer, 2011). The evidence is quite strong that crack cocaine laws have contributed to the overrepresentation of members of racial minority groups in the criminal justice system (Reinarman & Levine, 1997;...
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