My Take on George Jung's Life

Topics: Illegal drug trade, Prison, Drug addiction Pages: 2 (480 words) Published: May 24, 2011
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If I could flashback and walk in someone else’s shoes I would pick George Jung. George was one of the most successful business men of all time in my opinion. He was a drug dealer but just because he watched how his parents struggled to get by in the 1950’s and he told himself that this wouldn’t happen to him. During the 1960’s he became successful selling marijuana out in California. He was racking in the money and living the life or what he thought was the life at the time. But as you know you can’t sell drugs forever. George ended up getting busted by the cops and had to go to the federal prison. While in prison George’s cellmate introduced him to another type of drug that could make a lot more money. This drug turned out to be cocaine. Sitting in his cell with this guy, George soon became to know everything there is know about coke. As soon as George and his cellmate both made bail they flew straight to Columbia where they picked up multiple kilos of cocaine. Once they got it back to the United States it was an instant hit. It was now the 70’s and cocaine was starting to blow up in the country. During the 70’s George handled about 85 percent of all the cocaine in the United States. They were rolling in the money and didn’t have enough room in their house to keep it all. People started to get addicted to cocaine which can make people start to go crazy and turn into phenes. George and his partner flew to panama and deposited over 100 million dollars into the Panamanian bank. I know I would have quit selling drugs right then while I was on top. But this is not what happened, as they continued to run their business things started to get hot. The police were starting to catch on and George’s partner was starting to betray him. In the end of the story George ended up getting set up and busted with millions of dollars worth of cocaine. Not only this but his cellmate and business partner ended up stealing all of his money...
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