Mythology: the Gods Communication with Mortals

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The Gods communication with Mortals
Gods in many myths interact with mortals through protection, punishment, and personal relationships. The gods often protect the mortals they are fond of, punish the mortals they despise, and have personal relationships with those that they appreciate or are attracted to.

The gods tend to protect the morals that have given them respect, have done righteous things, and that they have taken a certain liking to for whatever personal reason. This form of protecting relationship is seen in Genesis when God warns Noah to build an ark to save him from the flood he is putting over all the earth to kill off the human race. He says to Noah, “I am going to put an end to all people…so make yourself an ark…go into the ark, you and your whole family, because I have found you righteous in this generation (Genesis 6:13-14, 7:1). God chooses to save Noah because he is righteous and because he unlike the rest of his generation, has been respectful and has honored God without fail.

The gods also tend to punish those who have disrespected them or have acted inappropriately in society. This punishment relationship between the gods and mortals is seen in the story of Prometheus. In the story Prometheus attempts to trick Zeus by unevenly dividing the portions of the cow but wise Zeus realizing his trickery chooses to fall for the trick and punish Prometheus after for his actions. He punished him by making him immortal but yet his liver was eaten everyday by an eagle, and it would grow back then next day continuing the cycle. Also when Prometheus stole fire from Zeus for the other mortals he made the maiden, which was a punishment for all mortals due to Prometheus’ actions (Hesiod 146. 509-572). He was punished by the gods because he deceived Zeus and stole fire, these are two actions are examples of reasons the gods punish mortals.

The gods have personal relations with mortals as well. These relationships can vary anywhere from friendship and...
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