New Jack City: Tale of Nino Brown

Topics: New York City, Illegal drug trade, Los Angeles Pages: 1 (267 words) Published: December 7, 2013
New Jack City

The film I chose to watch was New Jack City. This was the tale of Nino Brown, a New York City drug dealer who rose to prominence during the crack epidemic. Scotty Appleton is the detective who is tasked with stopping Nino Brown by going undercover to work in Nino’s drug cartel. During the movie Nino Brown starts off as a small time drug dealer and eventually becomes the kingpin of the city. Scotty Appleton eventually brings the entire drug operation down and Nino Brown is killed during his trial.

The film showed the reality of life in urban New York City during the crack epidemic. Most of what was seen in the movie was based on real life actions of various drug dealers throughout the city. Crack destroyed people’s lives and is one of the most destructive drugs ever created. This movie really showed that side of urban life.

I really enjoyed the movie. This is considered to be a classic film and it definitely holds to that. The fact that it is educational is also a reason why I enjoyed this movie. You really learn a lot about drugs in the 80s from this movie. I thought that it went very well with our theme this week in class. We learned a lot about deviant behavior. The question for our discussion was about our environment and if we knew anyone who participated in deviant behavior. I think every young black youth from an urban environment knows a Nino Brown. I would recommend this movie to anyone involved in criminal justice.
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