Non-Educational Cartoons

Topics: Tom Kenny, The Fairly OddParents, SpongeBob SquarePants Pages: 2 (565 words) Published: July 2, 2013
Song- "SpongeBob square pants". Non-educational cartoons and your kids: not such a good idea! Every one of you is well aware of the existence of cartoons as a favorite hobby of your child/children. All you really need to do is sit in front of that tube with your child and take a closer look in order to get even a glimpse of what is being viewed, and what really might be happening beneath the surface of everything. These cartoons may be doing more than offering a few laugh.

Many of the cartoons today are fast paced. Fast paced meaning that they undergo a scene change every 11 seconds, unlike those that are slow paced. This afternoon I'll inform you on three effects as a result of these cartoons: (1) They do not motivate kids to learn (2) The negative impact they have on a your child's mind and (3) They portray violence.

Above all, they do not motivate kids to learn. They give kids more than an eyeful and earful of a lot of different sights and sounds that talk a lot of empty and senseless talk. Even worse, so much silly and unusual stuffs is fed to kids behind the big dark screen and so fast; making it almost impossible for most of them to really understand any of it. For instance, there is a particular cartoon called "Timmy Turner", Cosmo and Wanda are couples. Cosmo is the male and Wanda is the female(repeat). At one point of the scene Cosmo was pregnant and taken to the hospital for delivery. While waiting for the moment to arrive his wife was at his side telling him how everything is going to be alright...just to hear the doctor yelling "Push Cosmo Push"

Furthermore, the impact they have on a child's mind. Cartoons have changed drastically over the years but have their lasting effects on children. Similarly there is this other cartoon called "cow and chicken" where cow and chicken were the children of human beings. A child was once viewing one of the episodes and heard chicken yelling out to cow "Shut your pi hole". Later that evening the child's...
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