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Topics: United States, Illegal drug trade, Adult Pages: 2 (204 words) Published: November 9, 2014
Christian Castellon
Johnnie Clemens May
English102 Sec#16081
Oct.12, 2014
Note Page #2
Type of Source: book
Book Title: Drug Trafficking
Citation: Carey, Elaine. "Mexico-U.S. Border and Drug Control." Encyclopedia of U.S.- Latin American Relations. Ed. Thomas M. Leonard. Vol. 2. Los Angeles: CQ Press, 2012. 619-620. Gale Virtual Reference Library. Web. 13 Oct. 2014. Main Point of Article: This article talks about the drug trafficking in Mexico and also into the U.S. Then it also talks about the cartel de Sinaloa which Joaquin was the leader of. Then it gives some details on how Guzman used his smartness to traffic drugs all over Mexico and into the U.S. Other Supporting Information (details, statistics, examples, etc: Where this source will be used in my essay:

This source will be used when I start to talk about how El Chapo had an impact on society. Then I can also use information in his adult life and a little in his early adulthood. Quotes that Might Be Used in Essay:

“The most prominent criminal trafficking organization” (Carey).

Evaluation of Article: This article is good when I get to talk about how he had in impacted in society. This article does not have no information in his childhood life.
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