Nvq 2 Health and Social Care Adults

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Task b your work role.

Bi im am employed to work at st. Anthony`s care home for 44hrs a week as a care assistant, I can be asked to work shifts in our sister home, I am entitled to have 5 weeks holiday per year if I wish to terminate my contract I must give a months notice if my employer wishes my contract they have to give me two months notice, in my contract it states I must attend all mandatory training and comply with policies and procedures

Bii On your pay slip you should have the name of the company that employs you, your full name and staff ID number, the amount you earn. You should also have an idea of the date you will receive the payment. Also any deductions made such as tax and your tax code and social security number should be on there.

Biii two changes of information you must report is

Change of address
Change of name

Biv the procedure I would take is if a colleague is doing or has done something that is not right I would approach in a professional manner and ask if they do this in the proper way or not do it at all as it is not the correct way to do so, if is still happening I would report to nurse in charge to deal with the situation, if still not been dealt with I would then report to the manager to deal with and if no further actions have been taken I would then write a formal letter of complaint to area manager as this could not go on any longer within the workplace

my role is to make sure that when dealing with written care plans that I have used are to be locked away in a safe place so that others that come into the building are not able to access these as they are confidential unless permission has been given. 2

If a service user wanted to raise a grievance, if I was in the position to resolve it I could try and help with this situation ,and if it was something that I could not resolve myself I would have to hand this over to my manager so that they can resolve the situation. 3

if there is conflicts...
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