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Of Studies By Francis Bacon
Francis Bacon
* English statesman, philosopher, scientist, lawyer, jurist, and author. * The Baconian Method
* Allegedly, he was:
* Gay
* Royalty
* Shakespeare
* Sloth
* Affectation
* Proyning
* Contemn
* Confer
* Confute
* Wholly
* Deputy
* Meaner
* Stond
* Impediment
* Wrought
* Apt
* Flashy

1. What do you call a person who-
a. indulges in sloth
b. exhibits affectation
c. is crafty
2. When do you say a person is deputy?
3. When do you say something is –
a. an extract
b. distilled
4. When do we say we contemn something?
“Abeunt studia in mores”
Studies pass into, and influence manners.
 Practices zealously pursued, pass into habits. 
 Character grows through study.
Education becomes the manners, or virtues of life.
“cymini sectores”
“splitters of hairs”
those that make excessively fine distinctions in reasoning
Guide Question
Bacon’s essay centers on three closely related points: studies, books, learning activities.
Complete the following grids on those three points with the information called for. Some of the items are supplied.
Of Studies
Underlying Purpose| When Used|
1. Delight| Used in privateness and retiring |
2. Ornament| discourse |
3. Ability| Judgment and disposition of business |

Of Books
Types of Books| How the books are studied|
1.To be tasted | Books that are read only in some parts. | 2. To be swallowed| Books that are to be read but not curiously. | 3. To be chewed | Books that are to be read wholly with diligence and attention. | 4. To be digested| Books that are read by the deputy and extracts are made of these books. |

Learning Activities
Types| Results or Outcome|
| If one does it| If one does not do much of it| Reading| Makes a full man. | He had need have much cunning to seem to know that he doth not. | Conference | Makes a ready man | He had need have a present wit. | Writing | Makes an exact man | He had need a great memory. |

1. How do these men view studies?
a. crafty
b. simple
c. wise
2. According to Bacon, what benefits may be derived from reading-
a. historiesb. poetry
c. mathematicsd. natural philosophy
e. moral f. logic and rhetoric
3. What lines in the essay show that-
a. Bacon does not favor book learning alone. Studies must be complemented by experience. b. Bacon urges readers to assess the ideas they read.
c. Bacon recommends reading the complete version and not just summaries written by other people.
* What is “parallelism” in writing? Parallelism definition: The use of identical or equivalent syntactic constructions in corresponding clauses or phrases. * Faulty parallelism is the result of mixing up tactics when composing a sentence. This happens most often when a writer wants to make a sentence more interesting, especially when the sentence is long or complex, but the result can be unsettling to the reader. Parallelism can relate to just about anything: nouns, verbs, pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, articles, and prepositions (as in the following example).

Not parallel:
They rode to the market, the post office, and to the library. Parallel:
They rode to the market, the post office, and the library. Parallel:
They rode to the market, to the post office, and to the library.

Not parallel: I enjoy long walks on the beach, eating gourmet food, and to stargaze on a clear night.

Parallel: I enjoy taking long walks on the beach, eating gourmet food, and stargazing on a clear night.
If we prick us, do...
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