On the Other Side

Topics: Illegal drug trade, Organized crime, Bloods Pages: 2 (395 words) Published: May 7, 2012
'On the other side'

I have read a text called “On the other side” which is a part from the book “The Crew” written by Bali Rai.

The text is about a boy, Billy, who talks about the life he lives with his friends, mother and stepfather, Nanny, in a ghetto in England.

The ghetto is filled with drug-dealers, drug-addicts, prostitutes and poor people which makes it hard to live there. Because of that, people have began to build their own “gangs” with the intention of being able to support and help each other more easily. You could say that a gang is like your second family.

The gang Billy has joined is called “the Crew” but they are not negotiating with any kind of drugs or prostitution like most of the other, old gangs do. Instead, their gang is more like a group full of supporters. For example, if anyone in the gang needs to talk to someone about something that they cannot talk to their mother or teacher about. Then they can always turn to their gang.

Billy's stepfather, Nanny, is a Rastafarian, but he's not one of those who take drugs or rob people. He has his own ways. Nanny says that crack, heroin and alcohol are drugs, but weed on the other hand is not. In fact, he says that weed doesn't harm like drugs do and that it is like a spiritual tool that frees his mind from mental slavery and helps him relax.

Personally I mostly like Nanny in this story. His way of seeing things are very similar to mine, except that I am not a Rastafarian.

The writer, Bali Rai's way of describing the environment is very good. When I read about the ghetto I got a picture in my head of “what it could have looked like”. It was just the same when the writer described the people too. Sometimes I got to know what they were thinking which of course made it able for me to know how their personality might be.

Something that is very important while reading is that the writer is always keeping you interested or curious of what is going to happen next. That is...
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