Only People Who Learn Alot of Money Are Successful

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Only people who earn a lot of money are successful

Being a celebrity, people of authority or simply inheritance some people are fortunate to earn a lot of money. Money plays a vital role in each and everyone’s lives and this has also led to a division between the fortunate and the less fortunate. Even if money is considered as the most important thing, from my point of view it is moral values that take you to places.

However we cannot deny that we would need money to have food for growth, a house for shelter and clothing to cover and protect us from the cold. This essay that follows presents arguments for and against the issue of people who earn a lot of money are successful.

Money plays a vital role in our lives as they say “Money makes the world go round”. In other words those that work and earn a lot of money are the successful. The meaning of successful is having a favourable outcome. People that work and gain their favourable outcome are the ones that are successful. No job is done without payment and to earn money comes with the determination to get what you want. For example, if money was just given to any person then no one would want to work and success would lose its meaning, as it is those that attempt and achieve that are successful.

With money comes power and power means the ability to have whatever you want and thus making you successful. It is believed that the ones in power are truly successful. To be a higher power and feared by many leads to becoming popular for success nowadays. The issue of money has even separated us in classes; the rich and the poor. The rich is believed to be successful whereas the poor is looked at with the dares’ as if they are inferior.

However, even without money you can be successful; the dictionary defines being successful as having a favourable outcome. An outcome can be anything as a result or consequence and not having money. So achieving anything can be described as a success. For example the...
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