Overcrowding of Prisons

Topics: Prison, Illegal drug trade, Death Penalty Pages: 3 (915 words) Published: May 10, 2011
Connor Davault
College Comp II
Mrs. Mays-Neilson
19 April 2011
In the United States today we are dealing with a myriad of problems. These problems need to be resolved to benefit our country. One major problem in the U.S. is the overcrowding of prisons. To have prisons overcrowded it takes more tax payers dollars to support each inmate, and with the economic crisis were in today we need some change. The average prisoner takes thirty thousand dollars a year to be imprisoned, and it’s even more for inmates on death row. A death row inmate takes an average of one hundred thousand dollars a year of tax payer’s money, and could be on death row for many years.

The prisons are so overcrowded that the budget of the prisons has grown six times more than school budgets. Every month the inmate population sets a new record due to it growing so rapidly. There are many ways we can attempt to fix the overcrowding of prisons.

One way to resolve the overcrowding of prisons in America is to decriminalize drugs. By decriminalizing drugs in the United States the number of drug dealers that are holding a spot in prison would decrease. Allowing more room for the criminals that are dangerous, such as killers. In the U.S. today there is an average of eleven thousand dangerous criminals on the streets due to the overcrowding of prisons. They could save room by not locking up drug dealers and locking up the criminals who are a threat. This would decrease the number of dangerous criminals on the street by a huge margin. In a case in Texas, a man by the name Ali Foroutan was sent to a life sentence in prison for possession of 0.03 grams of methamphetamine. That requires thirty thousand dollars of tax payer’s money every year for the rest of his life. If we can cut down on the costs it has on drug dealers like Foroutan we could use the tax money to go to something that is in great need for it. It is ridiculous to have that much money spent on a man who is as...
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