Past and Current Trends Paper

Topics: Drug addiction, Cocaine, Illegal drug trade Pages: 3 (1078 words) Published: October 1, 2012
Past and Current Trends Paper
Tammy Poe
PSY 425
August 6, 2012
Professor Mc Keon

Past and Current Trends Paper
Substance abuse in the United States has changed over the years, and comes in many forms, such as prescription pills, non-prescription pills, powder cocaine, crack-cocaine, meth, heroin, marijuana, tobacco, and alcohol. Today, there are advertisements sending out messages about how drugs can harm an individual, their families, and their future. There are people who admit to doing drugs, and there are those who do not want to admit doing drugs. Many cultures use drugs for medical reasons or for religious purposes. There are also health and social problems that occur when doing drugs or addicted to drugs. Teens look up to adults, entertainers, and sports figures. Some have admitted to doing drugs, such as the President Bill Clinton and Vice-President Al Gore who has admitted to smoking Marijuana during their past (Levinthal, 2012). Anti-drug campaigns use the media to help discourage young people from doing drugs (Levinthal, 2012). The fight against drug abuse will continue to use the Internet, bill-boards, television, radio, and role models to fight the everlasting drug abuse and addictions in the United States. The sad thing is it continues to be a losing battle among people today. Over the past 20 years cocaine use has declined to where the use of crack has increased in the United States. Crack is made with harmful chemicals, and some people try to avoid using crack, crack became popular because it was a drug there were no need for injecting it. However, this also lowered the chances of being infected with the AIDS virus. Crack is a form of cocaine processed into rock crystal, which is heated to produce vapors that are smoked. Crack gets its name because of the crackling sound it makes when the rock is heated ("National Institute On Drug Abuse", 2010). Cocaine used to be snorted up the nose or injected. All three methods are harmful and cause...
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