Performance Enhancing Drugs

Topics: Drugs in sport, Doping, Illegal drug trade Pages: 2 (464 words) Published: June 16, 2013
Performance Enhancing Drugs
Performance enhancing drugs can provide extra energy for athletes by increasing the chance to win competitions. Many peoples do not know that taking performance enhancing drugs is harmful. There are many concerns about the use of performance enhancing drugs in sport, however, strategies have been suggested which could reduce the use of these drugs in sport. First of all, taking performance enhancing drugs will cause severe harm to health. It is serious change the body's normal physiological role, when athletes take the drugs which can increase their extra power, they invariably take a heavier toll on health later on. (Escobar, 1992) As well, it will change the body’s normal physiological role, it causes a big problems, it will make the body die faster, athletes to reject the norms of behaviour in the whole of human society. Nowadays, many athletes winning at all costs include taking other performance enhancing drugs. Secondly, taking performance enhancing drugs is a kind of behaviour of cheating. If one of the athletes takes drugs to join competition, the energy of he will increase extra energy or extra power in their body. This power is not belong to any athletes, so it is really unfair with another athlete; it is because another athlete does not take performance enhancing drugs. That is kill amateur sport (O’Reilly, 1993) It is also unfair to other athletes. Drug testing program can solve the problems about performance enhancing drugs. It is likely to deter Australian athletes from using banned drugs in sport (Australia sports drug agency survey). it can make sure all the athletes are competition in an equitable and fair state, soft the denies athletes a change to excel through their own unaided efforts (Escobar, 1992) . If the results show someone took illegal drugs before the competition. It should be delete the competition. Education and public condemnation is the best long-term idea. But something drastic needs to be...
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