Politics & Culture of Mexico

Topics: Illegal drug trade, United States, Law Pages: 3 (1023 words) Published: December 20, 2012
Politics and Culture of Mexico

SOC315: Cross-Cultural Perspectives
Instructor Theodore
July 2, 2012

While politics in Mexico may one day be good for the people of Mexico, the current state of the country is not so good. The poverty level of Mexico has always been high, the country is known to be run by drugs and horrible, inhumane working conditions are common because of outside business coming in and taking advantage of what people will do for little money in the country. The people of Mexico have never had a chance to actually maintain control over who actually runs their country since Spanish settlers and conquistadors conquered Aztec and Mayan in Mexico early in the 16th century, as stated in our text (Mislan & Sarkisian, 2012). The ability to gain control over anything in Mexico has never been easy. There are many political issues in Mexico but, those in authority are the only ones who can make a decision on what is to be done. Unfortunately for the people of Mexico, all the issues are far from being resolved. Money is the root of all evil in Mexico, drug lords rule politicians with money, and Politicians rule the country. Beer, C.C. (2006). Judicial Performance and the Rule of Law in the Mexican States. Latin American Politics & Society, Volume 48, Number 3, Fall 2006, pp. 33-61 This study by Beer, investigates how Latin America, even with structured democracies, have failed to uphold laws in their states. She speaks of how a poor judicial system runs Mexico therefore, not allowing citizens to have a fair judicial system that works for its countries people. The ineffectiveness of the laws put into place by judicial leaders has become very frustrating for those residents in Mexico. By using a number of small findings, Beer concluded that by improving the international image of Mexico’s judicial system would in turn increase global advancements when it comes to economic advancement. This would lead to lowered poverty...

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