Powerful Anti-Intellectual Society

Topics: Gang, Illegal drug trade, Crime Pages: 2 (567 words) Published: December 6, 2005
Today's society is a very "powerful anti-intellectual society". As Northrop Frye has stated in the article "Don't you think it's time to start thinking?" I also agree that today's society is very anti-intellectual. Teenagers are exposed to video games, drugs, violence, slang, and many other things that do not want to think. These things make teenagers choose the wrong path.

From the age of ten we are given video games as birthday presents, or even by our parents for no apparent reason. I believe this maybe one of the reasons why society is a powerful anti-intellectual society. They kill our thinking power and we stop thinking and we start to make the wrong decisions in life. Instead of going to class students start to say "who needs that course?" and start to skip. If video games were not present maybe it the problem would be that much easier to solve.

Some students get involved in drugs as soon as they enter grade nine and some, even before that. It is a proven fact that drugs do kill brain cells. So by killing brain cells it limits the thinking ability in the long run. I believe that drugs are a factor that contributes to this anti-intellectual society. This can be fixed simply by eliminating the sale of cigarettes and other drugs legal or illegal to any underage person.

Violence is common in every high school, and it is mostly gang related violence. I think that if everyone involved in violence is caught and isn't just released after a month or two in jail the violence would be reduced. Violence is present in our houses between parents, on the television, at school, on the road, everywhere we go violence can be seen. When people get related into gangs their thinking stop there and then. After that point the thinking is done by the gang leaders, when to fight, where to fight. This is something a person could avoid themselves by not even looking towards those kinds of people. The police can arrest gang leaders and people related to gangs. Some people want...
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