President Barack Obama’s National Drug Control Strategy focuses

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CRJ110: Introduction to criminology

Module 6 Homework Assignment
CRJ110: Introduction to Criminology
Brenda Pettibone
Allied American University

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This paper was prepared for: Introduction to criminology, Homework Assignment 6. Taught by, Sarah Kolks.

Homework Assignment 6
CRJ110: Introduction to Criminology

President Barack Obama’s National Drug Control Strategy focuses on the prevention of drug use through programs and policies which focus on the public health and safety challenges of the 21st century. Director Gil Kerlikowske, of the Office of National Control Policy notes in his introduction (preface) that the purpose of this strategy is to reduce the use of illicit drug use and its consequences in the United States. The topics that are covered in this document are: Strengthen Efforts to Prevent Drug Use in Our Communities; Seek Early Intervention Opportunities in Health Care; Integrate Treatment for Substance Use Disorders into Health Care and Expand Support for Recovery; Break the Cycle of Drug Use, Crime, Delinquency, and Incarceration; Disrupt Domestic Drug Trafficking and Production; Strengthen International Partnerships; Improve Information Systems for Analysis, Assessment, and Local Management; Reducing Drugged Driving; and Preventing Prescription Drug Abuse. Strengthen Efforts to Prevent Drug Use in Our Communities focuses on the prevention of drug-use before it happens; and is the most cost-effective. This strategy aims to promote healthy communities in hopes of being drug free. Efforts for this initiative should be locally based, and should be equipped to respond to the community. Seek Early Intervention Opportunities in Health Care focuses to reduce drug use and its cost to society. Brief motivational interventions with patients enables physicians to guard against pos­sible drug interactions and “start a conversation” about the negative effects of...
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