Pro Legalizing Cannabis vs. Anti Leagalizing Cannabis

Topics: Cannabis, Law, Crime Pages: 3 (846 words) Published: March 3, 2014
Each year there are twenty million Americans that try cannabis for the first time. (Armentano, 2013) Americans are going to smoke cannabis if it’s legalized or not so our country should legalize it and make money. Legalizing cannabis will help our country economically, help patients that truly do benefit from the drug, and help decrease the amount of street drug dealing. To some of the patients that use medical cannabis it is very difficult for them to get if they don’t live in a state where it is legal. In California it is semi legal because with a license from a doctor people can go to a medical cannabis shop and buy it.

First, if we decided to legalize marijuana our economy will boost dramatically. Cannabis is the number one cash crop in California and it is only semi legal here. In 2010 there were eight hundred and fifty thousand marijuana related arrests in our country, this number was far more than the amount of violent crimes. The amount of money that could be saved in just our law enforcement area would be huge. It would also be nice to know that our law enforcement officers are spending more time trying to bust actual criminals and not just random guys smoking marijuana. We could use the money that we save on marijuana arrests and hire more officers for more populated or high criminal activity areas. In order for our nation to move in the right direction we would all agree that we need to get out of the economic hole that we are in. Marijuana is not going to answer all of our economic problems, nor do I intend on making it seem that way, but any step out in the right direction is crucial because of the position that our nation is in. Legalizing cannabis will also help with the over population in our prison systems. I have personally known someone on parole that got a possession charge and is now in a state prison for two years because he violated his parole. If we can keep Americans RunningHead: Legalizing Cannabis 3

out of prison...
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