Problems of My High School

Topics: Education, High school, Teacher Pages: 1 (348 words) Published: October 4, 2012
High school is the best time to me.
High school helps students enrich knowlegde, make friends and participate in many school activitees. Although I enjoy going to school, there are three problems that my school should solve as soon as possible. First, the buildings in my school were under unacceptable condition for students to study. Despite the new shiny yellow paint, the leaky ceilings in the classroom of the fourth floor bothered everyone. When it rained, the water dropped through the leak and it made the floor slippery. Everyone had to make a mental note to be careful in walking or running. My school’s gym was ill-equipped, too. It was rarely used and cleaned. We only had PE class there when it rained.Thus, my school didn’t consider that it is important to improve it. Second, inspite of the reputation of good teaching skills in the past, our school’s teachers’re going down in quality. The young teachers lacked both of teaching skills and experiences. They used old teaching methods which made the lessons become boring. Some of them were too strict and scared students. Some of them were not enthusiastic in helping the students after class. They thought that when the bell rang, their duties were done. Whenever being asked for help, they seemed to hesitate and then made an excuse for their unwillingness. Since then, we didn’t come to ask them for help anymore. Finally, the last problem of my school was the students. They oftern formed cliques depended on the personal popularities, the finance of student’s family or the similar personalities or hobbies. At the end of the first year in high school, we can idenify clearly any groups by looking at them. The groups never let anyone join them unless that person had to be like them and follow the rules of the cliques. However, the most terrible thing was that some students involved with drugs such as cigarettes and other illegal drugs. During the break, I saw them smoking shamelessly in the corridors. Unfortunately, my...
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