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Life Outcomes

‘’She just want you to do the right thing’’ is what I tell myself as I struggle through life obstacles. She referring to both my mom, dad, and family altogether. That inspirational quote helps me throughout my education, and helps me focus on who is there for me and who cares the most. Also, when having education, it can get you a good job and get you money. Money, family, and education is the most important thing in life today. In the book ‘’The Other Wes Moore,’’ we see that both Wes’, Author and Inmate, went through life challenges because of the need of those things. The three main factors that determine your life outcome are family, education, and money. It seems like Author Wes, Inmate Wes, and I have gone through those factors as life went on, either it was a positive or negative situation. Family is like a group of people that love and care for you no matter what situation you're in. During Author Wes’ life, he does some careless behavior like vandalizing walls and getting caught by the police. During Inmate Wes’ life, also does careless behavior like selling drugs and getting high even though he had a choose not to. These things are being done because they are not getting disciplined by any family member at home like they should and when our not discipline, your action are bad since you won’t get in any trouble. I know that they are not disciplined because when the Author got caught, his parents said ‘’Now you know not to do drugs’’ instead of doing something for his behavior. When I get disciplined, I know that my family care. So, family is an important thing because if you don’t have family that wouldn’t care enough, that will affect how you act. Education is like a tool used to set your goal in life. Inmate had education paid for because he went to public school, but soon dropped out. Meaning he didn’t have a goal in life set for and thought ‘’what’s the point.’’ Later, dropping out took an effect and soon he started...
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