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MGMT 7030 Management and Organisation
Semester 2, 2007
Summary Reflective Overview

Andress Hamenda (u4330344)

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Summary Reflective Overview
(Week 1 to 13)
By Andress Hamenda (u4330344)
This is the end of our Management and Organisations class in 2007. We have accomplished the business report for the community project. We have evaluated our friends’ performance during the semester. We have also submitted all of our reflective learning journals. Others probably may think that they have just delivered from the time consuming reflective learning journal.

For me, to be honest, I think this is just the beginning of applying a new way of thought that I got. The course has just changed me. I am going to apply the concept of reflective learning journal not only for next semester, but also for my whole life. I found myself has changed to be a reflective person. In everyday activities, even before going to bed, I found myself recess and contemplate about what things I have done successfully, what things I have not achieved yet, and which areas I made mistakes during a day. The aims of reflective learning journal have been fulfilled since I can transfer it to my daily life and I find that “It is more valuable to realise that why we failed rather than experiencing our success without knowing why we could achieve or obtain the success!” We will never obtain worthwhile solution for our mistakes if our mind is too busy to think the other things and does not have time to reflect and to evaluate our mistakes. For example, students, whose managerial understanding actually have been enriched successfully by writing reflective learning journal, but just think it merely as a compulsory assignment, will not obtain better understanding in the other courses as well as they did in Management and Organisation course. Conversely, I realised that students in our class were more likely to interpret my quietness in class as a passive behaviour. No matter how much I put extra effort outside the class in group meetings and contributed in the community project. They tended to define an active student is a student who is answering problems, questioning, and taking initiative to present for the whole audience. Another problem I found is that it is more difficult to obtain my confidence since the other students have recognised me as a quiet student as I did not answer and give comments in class after we attended several lectures at the beginning of the course. The valuable thing I learnt from this case is it is really important to show our contribution in terms of questioning and answering since the very beginning of the lecture. This is what I will do in my four courses for the next semester.

The other great things that I obtain through writing reflective learning journal are the practices of respectful leaderships and teamwork in the class which I will elaborate more in this summary reflective overview after presenting the flashback of our activities in the course.

The Flashback of our Activities during the Course
Week 1 to 4
I was not the only students who intended to swap this course when we realised in the first lecture that the course is very different from the others courses that we were taking. There was no lecturer’s presentation, mid test, and final examinations. Instead of doing those things, Dr. Jay Hays formed us in several groups to discuss about the given questions, encouraged us to write reflective learning journal weekly, facilitated us to conduct community project (life centre project). The first two week lecture was quite difficult because what I observed was the more diverse the team, the more difficult the team manage their relationship. I recorded that our class was represented by several countries, such as Netherlands, Hong Kong Mexico, Mongolia, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Australia, Myanmar and Iran. In my group, I saw Asian students had a tendency to be quiet in...
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