Research Paper on Drug Use

Topics: Drug addiction, Pharmacology, Drug Pages: 3 (927 words) Published: January 17, 2011
Drug use in today’s society is something that has become too common. We have a large percentage of our population using drugs for numerous reasons. The stresses of our fast paced lives can be the reason we need drugs to keep up. We sometime take these drugs with out thinking of the future consequences and risk that might be attached to them. We have to teach society of the dangers of drugs and the treatment available to quit using. We have too many people using drugs in our society today. “In 1996, 50.8% of high school seniors had used some illegal drug at some time during their life, 40.2% during the previous year, and 24.6% during the previous month.” This shows that at least half of the senior class in high schools use or have use drugs. These numbers are from 1996 from then to now the number has grown drastically. If these people are using drugs as seniors it most evident that they will use drugs after high school. “A 2006 National Survey on Drug Use and Health showed that among all youths aged 12 to 17, 6% had tried prescription drugs for recreational use in the last month.” Kids as young as 12 years old are using prescription drugs to get high this tell me that their parent are to busy to supervising them or just don’t care enough to prevent them from doing so. If teenagers can use the drugs they have at home to get high how are we supposed to prevent them from using them? People don’t use drugs simply for the fact to get high, but also to cope with problems in their lives. When someone uses drugs to deal with the stresses of the everyday life it is easier to develop an addiction to the drug. “A study based on a sample of 20,291 individuals drawn from the community at large found that more than half of those who met the medical criteria for diagnosis as drug abusers also suffered from one or more mental disorders at some point during their lifetime. This included 28% with anxiety disorders, 26% with mood disorders (depression), 18% with antisocial...
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