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Topics: Fraud, Illegal drug trade, Identity theft Pages: 2 (423 words) Published: June 22, 2015

How to Avoid Being a Victim of Cybercrime

Thesis Statement: Cybercrime is an increasing concern among individuals across the U.S. making it necessary to know how to avoid being a victim.

Subtopic 1: What is a cybercrime?
Supporting Facts: The use of digital information systems to conduct or facilitate illegal activity.
Supporting Facts: Cybercrime has now surpasses illegal drug trafficking as a criminal moneymaker.
Supporting Facts: Someone’s identity is stolen every 3 seconds
Supporting Facts: Theft of personal data
Supporting Facts: Copyright infringement

Subtopic 2: Classification of Cybercrime (Type 1, Type 2)
Supporting Facts: Type 1: Any cybercrime that relates to theft or manipulation of data or service via hacking or viruses, identity theft, and bank or e-commerce fraud.
Supporting Facts: Hackers often carry out Type 1 cybercrime by taking advantage of flaws in a web browser to place a Trojan horse virus onto the unprotected victims computer.
Supporting Facts: Type 2 cybercrimes tend to be much more serious.
Supporting Facts: Type 2 covers things such as cyberstalking and harassment, child predation, extortion, blackmail, stock market manipulation, complex corporate espionage, and planning or carrying out terrorist activities.

Subtopic 3: Prevention
Supporting Facts: Keep your computer current with the latest patched and updates
Supporting Facts: Make sure your computer is configured securely
Supporting Facts: Choose strong passwords
Supporting Facts: Protect computer with security software
Supporting Facts: Protect your personal information
Supporting Facts: Review credit report, and bank and credit card statements regularly

Subtopic 4: Laws against Cybercrime
Supporting Facts: Computer Fraud and Abuse Act
Supporting Facts: Identity Theft
Supporting Facts: Wire Fraud, etc.

Conclusion: I have not come up with a conclusion yet. I believe it is best to gather all of the facts first, write the...

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