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Minor Infraction: No cell or
computer use @ home for 2 days

We believe the truth is the
foundation to any healthy

We believe everyone
deserves respect.

Tell the whole truth in all circumstances. Don’t bend the truth or “say nothing” to cover up an issue. Please don’t be dishonest about where you are.

Major Infraction: No cell or
computer use @ home for 1 week/
Car will be used to and from work
only for one week.
Minor Infraction: Extra chores
must be complete before any
social activities are allowed

1. Be respectful in word & action toward family members, other adults, guests in our home, peers, etc. (No profanity, belittling, or becoming physical, etc.). You must have permission to have
Major Infraction: No Cell or
guests in our home when we are not present.
Computer use for one week. You
may be required to pay for or
2. Be respectful of others space, privacy, & property. Ask
replace “borrowed” item if it
permission before entering another family member’s bedroom or cannot be returned.
borrowing anything.
3. Self-respect. We’d encourage you to develop friendships & relationships only with people who will treat you with respect. Work on maintaining healthy relationships with good boundaries with both males & females.

We believe in showing
maturity & responsibility as
an adult & member of our

1. Take initiative to keep your personal space clean. Take care of your laundry. We shouldn’t have to nag you. Your room and
bathroom will be inspected on Tues & Thurs @ 9:00 p.m.
2. When we have meals at home, help clean up the kitchen with the family. Please pick up messes/personal belongings in the common areas of the house.

Consistent problems in keeping
personal space & house clean will
result in suspension of financial
support with purchasing clothes
for you.
Incident will result in loss of
computer & phone privileges for 3

3. While in our home, be responsible & appropriate with
electronic use (cell phone, internet).

Natural consequences.

4. Manage your time, money, morning & evening routines, &
daily responsibilities. Maintain a full-time job unless you are currently attending college.

We believe underage
drinking, drug use, &
smoking are harmful to your
health & potentially

1. Underage drinking, drinking & driving (or riding with anyone who has), & illegal drug use will not be allowed in or outside of our home.
2. No smoking cigarettes on our property.
3. Guests in our home may not smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol, or use illegal drugs on our property.

Breaking the law will constitute
loss of phone & computer, car use,
& social activities for an extended
period of time depending on the
offense. With this we will require
random drug testing. Refusing test
/failing test or having constant
problems in this area may result in
you moving out of our home &
revocation of our financial
If you are caught smoking on our
property we will no longer pay
your monthly cellular bill. Guests
caught smoking, drinking, or
doing drugs on our property will
no longer be invited over.

1. While living in our home, curfew will be 12:00 on weekends & 10:30 on weeknights. Please be quiet when in the house after 9:00pm, as Dakota will be sleeping.

We believe that safety &
being able to count on each
other being available is key to
2. When you are out, please let us know where you are at all a close relationship.
times. If we call, to the best of your ability, answer or return our call in a timely manner.
We believe that you should
allow us to parent Dakota
(while we are excited about
you being a positive influence
for him).
We believe in working
together in communication &

1. Do not submit Dakota to inappropriate music, games, movies, or computer use (relative to his age).
2. Allow us to handle discipline with Dakota. Don’t interrupt, correct us, or undermine us...
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