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Topics: Celebrity, Drug addiction, Crime Pages: 2 (543 words) Published: April 12, 2014
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In his article “Worshipping Celebrities” Joe Harper tries to convince us that celebrities are given more importance than they deserve, and act as bad influences on people. The glamorous lifestyles and the unethical habits they get into hardly make celebrities good examples as role models, and Harper feels that it is ridiculous for people to have such admiration for them. He questions the logic behind the excessive “worship” of celebrities and states reasons why they should not be given so much importance. Firstly, he tells us that the misuse of illegal drugs is a very familiar attribute associated with celebrities, and this has an adverse influence on people, especially on teenagers. To support his claim, Harper provides statistical evidence that shows celebrities are five times more likely to be involved with drug abuse than ordinary people. His next argument is that the family lives of celebrities are by far worse off than normal family lives. He indicates that celebrities have a higher divorce rate in comparison with non-celebrities, and also on average have to pay a significantly higher amount of money each year in child custody payments. Harper goes on to say that celebrities are highly likely to be involved in committing crimes and suggests that being linked with a celebrity is almost like being linked with a criminal. Taking all the facts and figures into account, Harper feels that celebrities should not be given the amount of attention they actually get. In his eyes, non-celebrities have a much better life and we should look to ourselves with confidence instead of relying on inspiration from celebrities, who are not ideal models as human beings. This paper is my response to Joe Harper’s article, and here I will share my views and opinions on the messages conveyed in the essay and the way it was written. I will also...
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