Review of Hustle and Flow

Topics: Hip hop music, Illegal drug trade, Hip hop Pages: 2 (493 words) Published: July 10, 2006
Hustle and Flow is a movie about a pimp/drug dealer who struggles to make a living in Memphis Tennessee. Today many pimps operate illegally in the U.S. because of the great demand for prostitution. For many, prostitution is a forced occupation used to make ends meet. Djay, a pimp and a drug dealer, hopes to end his illegal occupations and become involved in the hip hop industry.

This movie is like many other great movies in so many ways. Movies such as Get Rich or Die Trying, Four Brothers, and Boyz in the hood are all related in some way to this film. The main characters of Hustle and Flow are Djay, Nola, Shug, and Key. The movie takes place in a ghetto area of north Memphis, Tennessee. Trying to land a record deal, Djay does whatever he can to progress. For example, when he needed to buy an expensive microphone that has no sound distortion, he found out he didn't have enough money so he pimps Nola to the store clerk. Some see this as Djay being selfish, others see it as a way to make things better for all because if he succeeds so does his hookers.

In this movie dialogue plays a very important role in showing us what the movie is about. The dialogue is basically black and southern. Rap music is also played throughout the film. The title of the film is Hustle and Flow and the word "flow" is a slang term meaning to rap. Almost every scene begins with some kind of rap music and the rap music that Djay produced in the movie is also very powerful. The main theme of the film is that you must be in charge to succeed. Now, that doesn't necessarily mean that you must be the leader, but that you must take control of your life. Dramatic Aspects play a very important role in the movie. Costumes and make up design help the audience understand where the characters come from and what time period it is.

Craig Brewer, the director, employs a lot of camera movements to show us the set of the city and he uses mainly high angles to show us the...
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