Russia in Turmoil

Topics: Russian Provisional Government, October Revolution, Bolshevik Pages: 3 (915 words) Published: August 27, 2013
Why did Lenin urge a Bolshevik uprising in October 1917?
As 1917 ended, a pivotal change took place both in politics and social standing as Lenin; leader of the Bolshevik party, took control over Russia and plunged Russian society into a period of extreme left wing control. The causation of Lenin’s decision to urge for a Bolshevik uprising is due to a combination of idea’s and beliefs, actions and events which resulted in a seizure of Bolshevik control and new age of democratic assembly for Russia. Following the failure of the July days to seize power by protesters in Petrograd against the Provisional Governments involvement in the War, after the disaster of Kerensky’s June Offensive, the Bolsheviks knew that any future revolt would have to be well-planned in order for it to have any chance of success. Therefore, Lenin’s action to return from Finland to Russia after the July days in early October, gave the Bolshevik party a clear leadership and aim, making them more united and probable to gain more support due to factors such as Lenin’s April Thesis. However, even though the July days strengthened the Bolsheviks position as it increased support within the peasant population and army, it also weakened them as it portrayed them as being unorganised and weak to fall to Kerensky’s prevention of rioting. In response, Lenin believed they needed to appear powerful in gain further support in all aspects of Russian Society, especially within the middle class whose hunger for a democratic assembly was increasing. Therefore, Lenin’s action at persuading fellow leading Bolsheviks that the time to act was now alongside his belief that the Bolsheviks needed to act or lose their chance at gaining control were significant factors. Lenin knew that the Bolsheviks had a rare window of opportunity of seizing power as following the Kornilov Affair, many of his supporters were armed which would help them due to them needing to gain control forcefully due to being a small party...
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