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Responsible for the general administration and management of PDEA. Direct and control the utilization of the Agency’s resources for the accomplishment of its mission in accordance with RA 9165. A. Public Information Office

 1. Serve as the official spokesperson in behalf of the organization - Prepare and issue official statements of the Agency on sensitive matters as approved by DG, PDEA - Act as focal person for information and communication

- Be prepared to act as principal resource speaker, in the absence of and as approved by DG, PDEA  2. Regulate out-bound information for public consumption
- Determine the scope of information to be revealed to the public - Supervise the production of information/ promotional materials for broadcast and print media (TVCs, AVPs)  3. Manage media and public relation functions

- Prepare and disseminate press releases as approved by the DG, PDEA - Facilitate press conferences in case of significant accomplishments and special activities - To coordinate and arrange media interviews/appearances of PDEA key personnel in television and radio  4. Supervise news monitoring activities

-Collect and maintain a record of all articles and/or feature stories related to illegal drugs both in print and broadcast -Provide trending analysis of the collected drug-related articles and feature stories - Initiate corresponding response to address negative publicity  5. Other tasks as may be directed by the Director General

B. Internal Audit Division
Conduct appraisal of the management control systems of PDEA such as its staffing, manpower, work methods and procedures; review of internal control systems for safeguarding money and property. OFFICE OF THE DIRECTOR GENERAL FOR ADMINISTRATION

OFFICE OF THE DEPUTY DIRECTOR GENERAL FOR ADMINISTRATION (ODDGA) Assist the Director General in the general supervision of the various administrative functions of the Agency. A. ADMINISTRATIVE AND HUMAN RESOURCE SERVICE

1. General Service Division
Provide general administrative, personnel administration, and records management services. 2. Human Resource and Records Management Division
Formulate policies and develop plans on recruitment, selection and placement, employee welfare/ benefits and management records. B. FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT DIVISION
Provide financial services, including preparation of the annual budget, work and financial plans, disbursement of funds, management of expenditures, implementation of accounting policies. 1. Budget Division

Prepare the budget of PDEA in accordance with existing fiscal policies and reports on obligations, status of funds and operations. 2. Fiscal and Accounting
Record and account financial transactions; analyze and reconcile accounts as well as its reporting. C. LOGISTIC MANAGEMENT SERVICE
Prepare plans and programs on procurement, allocation and distribution of supplies and materials; supervise material management of logistical resources, warehousing activities and material disposition; and provide support services to the Bids and Awards Committee (BAC). 1. Procurement Division

Provide services on the acquisition of equipment, supplies and materials in accordance with established plans and policies; and support the BAC and ensure the implementation of standards on procurement set under RA 9184. 2. Supply Management Division

Allocate and distribute supplies and materials and monitor its utilization as well as the operational status of all equipments; maintain a warehouse for safekeeping and custody. D. INTERNAL AFFAIRS SERVICE

Conduct inspection and investigation on complaints against PDEA agents and impose corresponding sanctions and penalties; instill discipline and conduct lifestyle checks. 1. Pre-Charge and Prosecution Division

Review and evaluate reports submitted against erring PDEA personnel in the performance of their official functions. Conduct pre-charge investigation and make...
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