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Topics: Gas, Pressure, Ideal gas Pages: 2 (670 words) Published: January 28, 2014
Solve the ff.
1. A sample of He occupies 520 mL at 950 Torr and 25°C. If the sample is transferred to a 1.1-L flask at 25°C, what will be the gas pressure in the flask? 2. A balloon has temperature of 28°C. What will be the final temperature of the gas if the volume is reduced to half of the original under isobaric condition? 3. Calculate the volume occupied by 4.23 kg of methane gas at STP. 4. Dry ice is useful in maintaining frozen foods because it vaporizes to CO2 (g) rather than melting to a liquid. How many liters of CO2 gas, measured at STP, will be produced by the vaporization of a block of dry ice that measures 12.0 in x 12.0 in x 2.0 in? The density of the dry ice is 1.56 g/cm3 5. Two flasks of equal volume are connected by a narrow tube (of negligible volume). The flasks are filled with nitrogen gas and, when both are immersed in boiling water, the gas pressure inside the system is 0.50 atm. One of the flasks is then immersed in an ice-water mixture, keeping the other in boiling water. Calculate the new pressure of the system. Assume ideal gas behavior. 6. Suppose that 10.0 moles of H2S(g) is confined to 4.860 L at 27°C. Calculate the pressure exerted by H2S(g) from (a) perfect gas and (b) van der Waals equations of state. For H2S, a = 4.484 L2 atm mol-2, b = 0.0434 L mol-1. 7. Nitrogen forms several gaseous oxides. One of them has a density of 1.27 g/L measured at 764 mm Hg and 150°C. Write the chemical formula of the compound. 8. In 2.00 min, 29.7 mL of He effuse through a small hole. Under the same conditions of temperature and pressure, 10.0 mL of a mixture of CO and CO2 effuse through the hole in the same amount of time. Calculate the percent composition by volume of the mixture. 9. Given that the critical temperature and pressure of ethane are 32.25°C and 48.20 atm, respectively. Calculate the van der Waals constants a and b of the gas. 10. Nickel forms a gaseous compound of the formula Ni(CO)x. What is the value of x given the fact under the...
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