Selling Drugs for Fun and Profit

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10 April 2004
Selling Drugs for Fun and Profit
The War on Drugs is an unmitigated waste of time money and manpower. While the United States has increased the mandatory minimums, it has done nothing to stem the need for a good buzz. The only thing better than a blunt is a nice piece of chunky monkey all lubed up and ready to go. You can say that drug dealers are evil people, but in reality they are no more than just businessmen. They see a need and they fill it. Prostitutes and drug dealers are no different than a retailer selling any other commodity; they just sell something that is illegal.

I have read "Drug traffickers share common traits along with the terrorists of the world. A drug trafficker does not have a general regard for human life. The only thing that matters to the trafficker is the money that is made from the illegal sale of the product. Whether the money comes from a twelve year old in anyone of the main cities in the United States" this is a blatant untruth. Why would you want to kill off your customer base? That is just not sound fiscal policy.

What could the United States do to reduce the illegal trafficking of drugs? Simple make marijuana, diazepam, and most of the schedule II narcotics legal for sale through government controlled or regulated distribution points. The last time I checked there was no drive by shootings in Amsterdam this week.

So be a good American, grow your own and light a blunt today!

LINKED. 5 December 2001

LINKED. 5 December 2001
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