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Topics: Low-cost carrier, Airline, Southwest Airlines Pages: 3 (584 words) Published: January 28, 2014

Assignment 1
Watch the following video:

Answer the following 3 questions based on the information presented in this video, and bring your answers to the workshop:

Q1. Name 3 effects of AirAsia (low budget airlines) on travel flows in Southeast Asia?

Everyone can fly because it is more affordable.

1. He gives people who don’t have any experience in for example being a pilot, the chance to be pilot. He also had no experience in the travel business so he wants other people to get more experience just like him. 2. Travelling has become more known, previously people couldn’t afford travelling because it was too expensive, now because of AirAsia, people can. 3. Travel destinations more accessible

4. Shorter flights

Q2.Which examples described in the video (can be both demand and supply related)
contribute to the succes of Air Asia?
1. The boss (Tony) of Air Asia behaves more like a friend towards his employees than a boss, this brings a great atmosphere and a good relationship during work. 2. They really want to reach the people out there not only for business purposes but also for community outreach. 3. They were the first airline company who offered free cargo for the survivors of the cyclone in Myanmar. 4. They we´re the first and there is an demand

5. They are a service industry, so they really maintain it and they’re always friendly, which is an important aspect for travellers..

Q3.What are the economic impacts (name 2) of budget carriers on tourism destinations? 1. They make destinations more affordable to go to.
2. Employment, multiplier effect.

Assignment 2
Watch the video in the following article:

Q1.What reasons could Air New Zealand have to do this?
Most people are frequent fliers nowadays and don’t pay...
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